Frequently Asked Questions

My equipment is faulty, can you fix it?

You must first contact us with the equipment details and the symptom, first ascertain what the symptoms are and then explain clearly the symptoms as this will enable the service engineer/installer to rectify the fault/faults your equipment may have developed or may have been developing.

Example: There are numerous clues that may aid the service engineer in diagnosing and repairing faulty or problematic equipment as will now be explained.

Example #2: If you had a Television set that was switching off at random you would say “The TV is working ok but sometimes it goes off with no picture and no sound”, this is a much better report of a symptom than simply saying “It does not work” or “Don’t know” as Most people say, you may also want to note if any indicator lights are on or flashing.

How long will it take to repair my equipment?

The time it takes to repair electronic or mechanical can vary a great deal depending on the nature of the fault or the availability/non availability of parts and service information, it is not possible to give a definite timescale for those reasons, however the time it will take for most repairs is between 2 and 7 working days if all goes well but this is not always possible when we are busy or low staffed.

Is my equipment worth fixing?

To help you decide whether it is worth repairing your equipment here are some things to consider.

1: If you replace the equipment will the replacement have all the functions that you have on your existing item?
2: will the cost of a repair be more than half the price of replacing the equipment?
3: Does the equipment have a sentimental value?

How much will it cost to repair my equipment?

As you will appreciate it is not possible to diagnose and quote for repairing equipment without examining it first, also it is not practical to quote for every repair that is carried out as it is time consuming

I think I know what is wrong with my equipment and want some advice and a spare part.

If You Mean LNBs dishes brackets etc then the answer is yes, but we do not sell internal components of for example Television sets, the reason is that it is not economical to keep in stock all possible components and kits that may be required due to the enormous cost of doing so, also people often will replace components and have them fail straight away because there is something else wrong with the unit and try to recover the cost.

Do you do insurance estimates?

We will usually only deal directly with an insurance company where the company requests for us to examine/repair the faulty/damaged equipment at an agreed cost. Customers who request an examination for insurance claim purposes are required to pay us for our time and then claim (if relevant) from their insurance company.

Please do not ask us to falsify an insurance examination as our refusal will offend.

Do you give free estimates?

While in theory it is a good idea to offer a free estimate in practice it is not economical for us to do so, we will however inform you of the workshop repair charges which are competitive and very reasonable.

Can I view adult material via satellite?

Yes you can view adult material simply contact us for more information, see the SCT (Satisfaction channel television) link on our links page, if you want further info then feel free to call our sales line 029 2023 2827.