What television and equipment should I buy?

 LED, Quantum Dot or OLED – which is right for me?


The first thing to work out when you’re after a TV is what size you need. If you’re not sure, a good rule of thumb is that a TV is slightly less wide than its diagonal screen size. So if you’ve got a 40″ wide space, a 40″ TV will fit there! If you look up recommendations for size based on viewing distance you’ll find swathes of different opinions so it’s best to come and have a look to judge what’s best for you.

Next is the technology – LCD, LED or OLED. Without getting bogged down in technical mumbo-jumbo, here’s a quick run-down of their pros and cons.

LCD and LED are actually very similar as the latter is simply a more up-to-date version of the same tech. They’re capable of exceptional brightness from fetchingly slim designs whilst keeping power consumption low too. The main downsides are that motion can be slightly blurry and pictures can look washed out if you prefer to watch in the dark.

Quantum dot technology is the next evolution in LED technology. Nano-crystals are used in each pixel, offering a much larger range of colours. Combined with a pure white LED, Quantum dot TVs produce much brighter images and more realistic colours.

OLED is the new kid on the TV block and, while it’s been used for a while in small screens such as smartphones and cameras, big screen tellies are becoming more common. OLED offers incredible contrast, very little blurring alongside massive brightness and low power consumption.

NEW ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT                                                                                                   

Please call STV with any requests for new in home equipment as we can offer a competitive quotes with quality brands from our suppliers. Let us know what you need and we will do all we can to get you what you want at a sensible price.


Mobile Phone Accessories 


STV now stocks a range of FIFO accessories at our shop, Pop in and pick up anything from a USB cable to car chargers.

TV, Aerial, Satellite, Freeview, Freesat         

STV stock cables, connectors, aerials, fittings and fixtures for you to set up your equipment and move or extend the position of your home electricals.

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 STV stocks reconditioned equipment such as TV’s, Sky+HD Receiver boxes, Soundbar equipment, DVD players and other electricals. Please telephone STV

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TV’s, Hifi, Projectors, Sound systems, Dvd players, Cd players, Hard Drive Recorders, Freeview, Freesat, Sky, BT, Virgin and other manufacturers

We sell replacement and some original manufacturer remote control hand units so if you have a remote control that no longer functions or have lost your original hand unit then call us  to see if we can supply you with a replacement.

All we need is the Make and Model number of the equipment and/or the original remote control model/part number.
It may also be possible for us to repair a defective hand unit avoiding the cost of a replacement.

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Different Types of Projectors

The best way to reproduce the same feeling as that of a cinema is by using a projector. STV can provide a wide variety of these and each of them has different features. The time when projectors displayed highly pixelated pictures is long gone. Indeed, they now come with 4K resolution, which allows the user to have a crystal clear display on a large surface. For those who might not be too familiar with this term, it is also known as Ultra HD. In other words, it produces an image that is several times more detailed than the full HD resolution, or 1080p. One of the latest technologies to have hit the domestic market: 3D projectors. They project pictures in three dimensions that can be appreciated with the appropriate glasses. All of the aforementioned products are available via a wide array of televisions with all of the above features too.